Friday, January 20, 2006

The magazine trailer

Magazines are adapting pretty well to the cross media mode by combining print and internet. The photographs not used in the print report and extra information can be put on the internet site; besides internet traffic can be increased. Marketing games, started in the print edition can be continued online. Print and interactive advertisements can be sold. Opportunities galore.

This week I saw internet being used as attention getter for a weekly magazine: the preview magazine or better still the magazine trailer. It is used by the Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd, which has subscribers who receive weekly the magazine by snail mail, subscribers to the newsletter and regular kiosk buyers. In order to seduce these kiosk buyers the preview magazine is sent to these buyers. And it is attractive. Judge for yourself. Don’t mind the Dutch language; just try out the buttons.

Interesting are also the opportunities for advertising. The preview reaches a larger audience than the print publication. By showing the advertisement in the preview magazine for a book, a button can be provided for ordering the book.

The preview magazine is published every Wednesday, a day before publication of the print edition. The link is mailed to the newsletter subscribers.


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