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WSA 07 Awards in Venice (12)

Category: e-Learning
Teaching and learning are benefiting from the use of digital media. Although still not can be proven that the level of learning has risen since th use, yet learning has become less like a drill in a class and more interesting as well as playful. Digital media are used to learn the correct pronunciation of the holy book of the Koran. But with Numeropolis, the pupil can learn arithmetics in a playful manner, while Musicbus makes playing a musical instrument fun.

Title: Hafss
Media Format: offline/DVD, CD-ROM
Producer: RDI
Country: Egypt
Description of the Product
Religion requires learning. With the DVD Hafss from Egypt a religious Muslim can learn the correct pronunciation of the Holy Book Koran. The learner listens to the ideal recitation of the electronic Sheikh of Kuttab and is asked to imitate it as close as he/she can. Hafss analyzes the learner's pronunciation and evaluates it according to the rules of Tajweed, it detects types and positions of errors in the input utterance and prepares an appropriate corrective feedback. The program presents the rules of AL- Tajweed science that improves the recital of the Koran. The application also presents an electronic book with an easily understandable format divided into lessons each covering a rule.

Title: Geometry: Between playing and the highest mark!
Title in Original Language: Geometrie: intre joc si nota 10
Media Format: offline/DVD, CD-ROM
Country: Romania
Description of the Product
Learning mathematics can be adventurous. The CD-Rom “Geometry “has been created based on the Romanian curricula for grade VI and VII Mathematics teaching and represents an excellent support for students in all schools of the country. The CD sets include an intuitive “virtual geometry toolkit” where one can draw freely and with great with ease and precision, solve geometric problems and be instantly evaluated and corrected by the application. Geometry turns math into an adventure and captivating animated films bring geometrical concepts into an everyday context. In an innovative use of Artificial intelligence, avatars guide learners step by step through the entire field of Geometry and adapt to the knowledge level of users.

Title: musicbus
Media Format: broadband/online
Country: Italy
Description of the Product
Everybody online can learn music. The Italian Web Application Musicbus is an online learning aid which employs personal computer multimedia tools to cover the typical contents of a music education syllabus in a most effective way. Musicbus introduces interactive music e-learning objects, self-assessments, and games to engage and facilitate each student's learning process in three sections: singing, playing games, and three instrumental panels: guitar, keyboard and recorder. An elegant interface visualizes the changing of notes or chords, and the correct position of hands and fingers on instruments are demonstrated. A karaoke function helps develop rhythmical precision, test memorization, and vocal practice.

Title: Eureka
Media Format: broadband/online – LAN/CD
Producer: Designmate Pvt Ltd
Country: India
Description of the Product
Eureka is a CD delivered LAN system of learning to supplement rural education in India. Entire text books are converted into colourful 3D animated movies with interactive games and puzzles, bringing a visually beautiful and engaging learning experience to children. ,The students’ learning and retention capabilities are significantly improved. The software can run on reconditioned solar-powered PCs. Eureka assists rural students to compete for seats in Technical Institutions by delivering national examination science concepts first in local vernacular and then in English for exam preparation. Students can do scientific experiments virtually although the real laboratory equipment might be missing.

Title: Numeropolis
Original Title: Numerópolis
Media Format: broadband/online
Producer: INED Innovaciones Educativas
Country: Venezuela
Description of the Product
Games makes Math Teaching successful. Numerópolis is a web site teaching math to children between third and sixth grade in Venezuela. Numerópolis is a city made of numbers where only one person, Don Millón, owns all of the fun places. He does not charge for entrance, but proposes math challenges to those who want to have fun in the city. The basic sections of Numerópolis are games that practice the most important math subjects in elementary school in Venezuela. In Don Millón’s library teachers and parents can find e-books on teaching math to the children and sets of self-evaluations. The site’s records a child’s progress through the games and the record can be used as feed-back by the child, teacher or parent.

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