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BPN 1016 Dutch entertainment market stats for 2007

Every year he Dutch association for producers and importers of image and sound carriers (NVPI) publishes stats on DVD, music and game carriers (the categories in the document are in Dutch, but they can easily be translated). The survey of carrier sales, not rent of carriers, is executed by GfK Benelux. The Dutch consumers spent in 2007 no less than 915 million euro on music, movies and games; an increase of 5 per cent. A switch in spending the money has been noticed. More money is now spent on computer games, DVD boxes and music downloads. The real growth comes from the DVDs of television series.

An average Dutch household bought in 2007 four DVDs. The total amount of DVDs totals 32,4 units, which represents a turnover of 346 million euro. This is absolutely a record for the video branch. TV series on DVD represent 25 percent of this product group.

Interesting is to notice the second generation DVD war in the home turf of Philips. In total 175.000 HD products were sold, representing 2,2 million euro. Blu-ray represented 81 percent of the HD carriers; 40.000 Blu-ray discs over against 10.000 HD-DVDs.

The music carriers have been a sector for complaints for years. But in this sector new movements are coming up. The market for music albums has been stable in the 4 quarter of 2007 for the first time in years. The downloads showed a an increase of 20 per cent. A decrease is shown in the cd singles and music DVDs. In total 91,8 million euro was spent on music products in total. It is clear that the Dutch music sector is trying to stop the revenue decrease in line with the global music industry; it did not find yet new business models to compensate for the loss.

In the games market 2007 was the year of the games consoles. No less than 400.000 more units were sold in 2007 with the knock on effect on the sales of software with 1,4 million units, a rise of 26 per cent. The market for PC games remained stable thanks to the sale of some strong titles. But the game consoles like PSP, Xbox and WII Nintendo win it from the PC games.

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