Friday, May 02, 2008

BPN 1086 Re-release of Dutch numeric domains

Recently I wrote about the mess of the distribution of the numeric domains in the Netherlands. After many evening sessions, the method of distribution of a landrush was selected, the first one reaching the servers gets the numeric domain. The landrush was organised by the Dutch domain authority SIDN. On February 28, it turned out that thousands of the numeric domains were taken by a few ISPs. By using special developed software they were able to log in, log out and again log in without anyone else interfering.

There were protest and even loud cries for the management to resign. Of course the management washed their hands in innocence as the method had been the result of a consultation. But the management also saw that something had gone wrong badly and needed correction. Especially ISPs like Blixem and MijnAlbum had enlisted the help of extra mail servers were able to attain more than 4000 numeric domain names; MijnAlbum was able to pick up 1.719 numeric domains in, Blixem 2.341 numeric domains.

From April 11 till 21 the 136 participants of the landrush for numeric domains could vote via an online survey for the new method to be followed. In total 136 votes were cast with the following result:
94 (69%) votes in favour of a draw;
16 (12%) votes for the runner-up;
4 (18%) votes for a landrush;
2 (1%) votes for an auction.
The voting pattern is similar to the preference of the ISP members of the ISP Association during an evaluation of March 31, 2008.

Now a new draw will be organised. Almost 4.000 numeric domains have been returned and will be drawn among the participants of the landrush. Companies like Blixem and MijnAlbum have returned 3.944 numeric domain names, but they are free to participate. The list of the 3944 numeric domains has been published.

SIDN will work closely with the registrars concerned to decide how the de-registered numeric domain names should be put back on general release. As soon as a method has been worked out, SIDN will inform the registrar community.

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