Friday, August 20, 2010

BPN 1428 Four million domain names with nl-extension

This month the 4 millionth Dutch country domain name has been registered. On the list of country domains The Netherlands ranks fourth behind Germany, UK and China. SIDN, the bureau responsible for the registration of the nl-domain, receives daily 2800 registrations a day.

Worldwide there are 250 country domains. The Netherlands is ranking fourth on the list of domain registrations behind Germany (13,7 million domain names), UK (8,6 million domain names) and China (6,8 million domain names). Combined with demographic data of 16 million Dutch people every fourth Dutchman has a domain name, giving the Netherlands the highest domain density in the world. In the Netherlands 93 per cent of the Dutch population has access to internet.

With such a high number of domain names inventiveness is essential in designing new unique domain names. The length of domain names is 63 characters long. Part of the number of domain names is just being used for personal e-mail addresses. Part of the raise of the number of domain names, 25 per cent, can be ascribed to this phenomenon.

Registrations are being made by SIDN and almost 2000 registrars. SIDN will celebrate its 15th year jubilee next year. In the same year the 25th year of the nl-domain will be celebrated.

Facts & figures
• In totally 5,1 million unique domain names with nl-extension have been registered.
• Of the 5,1 million domain names with nl-extension 1,1 million have been discontinued.
• The nl-domain name has a markets hare of 72 per cent, followed by .the com-extension with 14 per cent and eu-extension with 8 per cent.
• 38 households of the 100 Dutch households have a broadband connection, which makes Holland the worldwide frontrunner
• Most of the domain names with a nl-extension are located in Amsterdam; also in large university cities there are many domain holders.
• The average length of a domain name counts 13 characters, while most domains have a length of 11 characters.

BPN 1428

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