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BPN 1601: The Dutch are CHAMPIONS… in Internet access

Although there is a lot of doubt in the Netherlands about the national soccer team reaching the second stage of the European Soccer Championship, there is no doubt about the Dutch households being the champions in internet access with 94 per cent in 2011. That is one of the results published in the report ICT, knowledge and economy by the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics yesterday.

Of the 27 countries of the European Union almost 60 per cent of the Portugese households have access to internet. The average per centage of households linked to internet in the 27 countries in the European Union is 77 per cent.  The Dutch have been in the top of the European internet access for households for a long time. In 2005 it was with 78 per cent.  But while having most likely reached the ceiling of internet access, the use of internet is still growing.

Less than once a month
Minimally 1 a month, but not weekly
Minimally 1 a week, but not daily
Daily or almost everyday

In 2011 no less than 86 per cent of the Dutch internet users went online daily, while this was 68 per cent in 2005. Half of all internet users had in 2011 also access to the web by mobile equipment (laptop, smart phones and tablets); the youngsters between 12 and 25 have a mobile, fit for internet access, while only 13 per cent of seniors from 65 to 75 years of age have such a mobile.  

One of the most important internet activities of the Dutch internet consumers is communication. Almost nine out of ten internet users have searched for products and services. But 60 per cent of the users went to internet to use it for listening to the radio and watching TV. Almost two-thirds of the users were active on social media; not surprisingly 95 per cent of the youngsters were active on social media.

In 2011 the number of persons shopping on internet grew to 9,5 million. In Europe the Netherlands together with Sweden, Danmark and the UK belong to the countries having the most shoppers. The category Travel, Holidays and Accommodations are on top the list. Other products are clothing, event tickets and books. Second hand goods are popular but not as popular as new products. Four out of ten shoppers indicated that they spent 100 to 500 euro in the past three months; a quarter spent in the same period 50 to 100 euro on new products. The majority of the frequent e-shoppers bought goods from Dutch persons or companies in 2011.

BPN 1601

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