Saturday, March 24, 2007


It is my first in Lapland. I have been to several Scandinavian countries before, but I have never been so close to the Northpole. It is another first in my globetrotting experience.

Eric Voigt and Monique de Haas hold the Saami flag

Yesterday afternoon we went from with a group of 10 people to a Saami reindeer farm. It was some 30 kilometres up from Hemavan. We were greeted by a Saami in traditional clothes with his four winds hat on.
He told about the Saami people, the lack of recognition as an indigenous people by the Swedish government and about the life of the Saami.

The Saami farm had a small herd of reindeer; about 40 animals. This is in stark contrast with the herds of 1500 to 2000. But on this Saami farm they still like to know the animals. Some tourists were volunteered to carry two buckets with pellets and into the reindeer compound as well as hay. We also practised lasso throwing to train for catching the reindeer in the future.

Christy Dena preparing to throw the lasso and she succeeded

The visit was closed off with a Saami meal consisting of smoked reindeer meat with traditional bread and a cup of coffee.

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