Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cultureplayer: Amsterdam online platform culture distribution

In Amsterdam the Cultureplayer project has been launched. In the project 11 Amsterdam cultural institutes collaborate in the distribution of cultural content. The process will be led by Fabchannel.

The Cultureplayer project combines 11 cultural players in the Amsterdam area: the public library, the Rijksmuseum, the documentary movie festival IDFA, the cultural centre de Meervaart and the youth studio West, The music theatre The Concertgebouw and the Concertgebouw Orchestra, the municipal theatre, the theatre Carré, the Van Gogh Museum, the Dutch Opera and the Music Theatre. They will share visual and audio content on the internet.

Fabchannel will transfer the experience that it has collected over the past years in the area of technology, rights and the development of business models, to the other participating institutes. They will be able to develop an internet strategy in order to make culture accessible for a broad international audience and position Amsterdam as a cultural capital in the world.

Using the experience of Fabchannel, the institutes will also be able to find new money sources by coupling content with advertisement or sponsor models.

Earlier this year Fabchannel launched the Fabplayer. This is an interactive video player, which facilitates the internet users to search the Fabchannel archive and play the concerts. Recently Fabchannel developed a browser which can be integrated in sites and blogs, so that internet users can start their own concert channel. Similarly, the visual and audio content can be distributed by the cultural institutions, starting up cultural content channels all over the world.

Fabchannel recently announced co-operation with Joost, the first online worldwide TV distribution platform. Fabchannel will get an own channel on this platform distributing concerts from amongst others the Stereophonics, Bloc Party, Madness and Cold War Kids.

Cultureplayer is technically facilitated by the glass fibre network Amsterdam and is one of the first cultural content projects. This type of cultural projects is in line with the creative city policy of the municipality of Amsterdam.

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