Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flash: Countdown to Blog Posting Number 1000

The countdown to blog posting number 1000 of the daily blog Buziaulane
has started from number 990 today to number 1000 on February 6, 2008.

On 1000 consecutive days since May 1, 2005 a blog posting has been
published on Buziaulane with items, reports and minis-series.

You will find logs on events such as WSA, Europrix, Mindtrek and iMMovator.

Just have a look you might find your name mentioned in one of the 1000

Or you might look into subjects such as crossmedia, digital paper,
serious games, games for seniors and content. And do not forget to look
at the mini-series of Dutch New Media History, Electronic Books and
Retro gadgets.

In short, check the blog, have a look and celebrate this milestone with us.
We will have special postings on the most consulted subjects.

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