Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SBS Netherlands launches video channel

SBS Netherlands, the Dutch subsidiary of the international ProSiebenSat company has started an internet video channel in The Netherlands, MyVideo.nl. Dancing Queen is the first program which will use the video channel as an extension for its activities.

The site has gone online earlier than planned. First it would be launched in the 2Q and then it was moved forwards to February. Now the channel is operational. The first example is the use for the program Dancing Queen, a TV dance program in which the best dancers are selected. People who did not participate in the studio auditions, can film their performance and upload it to the video channel. In this way SBS extends the participation and interest in the program.

The MyVideo format has been developed by ProSiebenSat for the use by its TV stations. In Germany MyVideo is already in use and claims 40 per cent market penetration. In Germany the uploaded movies are hosted in with Mediaways.net, a subsidiary of Telefonica.

MyVideo is a mix of SBS TV content and professional video content as well as user generated content. By the end of 2008 the channel will offer a section with TV programs people might have missed. But the TV station will also use the internet channel as an extension for TV programs, offering material not shown in the official program. It will also be used as the conduit for professional video material like material from the Maxdome site, ranging from soccer games to movies. On the other hand videos will be shown of uploaded clips by users.

The video channel is launched at a time that a new measuring system comes into force, which measures not only the audience watching TV programs, but also the internet audience. This integral measuring will deliver a better picture about the audience and long tail of the programs as well as offer a tool for media buyers.

The launch comes at a time that the commercial companies in The Netherlands are in a state of turmoil. The CEO of RTL Netherlands, Fons van Westerloo, has left his job over the weekend, among rumours that he has been dropped due to low viewing figures; a further shake-up is expected. RTL Netherlands does not have a video channel yet.

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