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BPN 1028 What do women play?

One third of the Dutch women can be regularly found on gaming websites. Of those women 75 per cent plays at least one quarter of an hour to one hour a day. Those are the results of the Natiional Gaming Survey 2008.

Recently the company Newzoo started its business in Amsterdam as a game advertising company. One of their first assignments was to launch the National Gaming Survey. The survey in cooperation with the survey bureau TNS NIPO interviewed 9522 respondents.

An earlier survey in the summer of 2007 drew two conclusions: almost as many men as women played games on a daily basis and the percentage of women playing games was almost 50 percent. However it was unclear what kind of games they played and where.

Some results survey 2007
■ 43% of the Dutch population plays regularly games, at least for a quarter of an hour;
■ As many men as women play regularly;
■ 36% of all women play on game portals;
■ 44% of all young males between 13 to 19 years of age play more than one hour a day;
■ 17% of the Dutch population plays games provided by popular brands (advergames).

From the National Gaming Survey it is clear that women love to play games online, while being alone. Most popular are the games on portals . One in three Dutch women (36 per cent) plays games, play this at least for one quarter of an hour and up to one hour and have 100 game portals to choose from. Four game portals are very popular:,, and The most popular women games are puzzles, word games and board games like Mahjong. In the survey also the behaviour of men was surveyed. Most popular games for Dutch men are the games on CD-ROM and DVD. No less than 37 per cent of the men game this way against the PC or themselves. Only 17 per cent plays against groups online, usually action or strategy games. This is done by 17 per cent of the men, while women do this only for 9 per cent. This is rather remarkable as male players are usually seen as playing together online in action games. A per centage of 44 young men between 13 and 19 plays games daily more than one hour.

Newzoo found out that branded games or advergames are popular amongst women; certainly when a prize can be won. One in five women (21 per cent) play this type of games. Only 13 per cent of the men can be seduced to play this type of games. This type of games are used by advertisers for several purposes such as promoting a new product, collecting e-mail addresses or teaching people.

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