Thursday, February 19, 2009

BPN 1304 Swan Lake adds new category Interactive Movie

In cooperation with Chris Hales, an artist and specialist in the 'interactive moving image', a new category in the Swan Lake competition has been set-up – the "Interactive Movie". By "interactive" we mean that a substantial and integral part of the final piece is the role of the interactivity. The role and use of interactivity will be one of the principal judging criteria of works entered in this category. The result of the user interaction is expected to be more substantial than just mixing/controlling audio tracks or selecting from a menu. Interactive Movies submitted for the Swan Lake competition can be composed either of traditionally filmed or computer generated imagery.

The Swan Lake Moving Image & Music Award (SL:MIMA) has been set up by the Media Department of the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida. SL:MIMA is an education oriented award programme created to honour the very best in the new age music video clip creation. The award aims to couple educational multimedia teaching programmes with digital art, focusing in discovering and promoting young talents from university environments all over Europe and beyond.

(Just for trivia collectors: The Swan Lake Award is named after the pond near the University)

For more information: Swan Lake Award

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