Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BPN1433: New York: here is the WSYA! (4)

On Tuesday it was back to the City for a meeting with the ad agency Wundermann. The meeting had been arranged by Anya, the Russian representative in the network of Wundermann. She arranged it in her capacity as representative on the board of World Summit Award. And she had done a good job in instructing her colleagues. Besides a well filled breakfast table, the WSYA delegation found that her colleagues had prepared themselves very well.
The idea was to present 6 WSYA projects and have them reviewed by three experts of Wundermann. They started out with the observation, that times were changing. The change from analog to digital covered the period of 1960 to 1995, but now they saw something new coming, something they could not give a name. Yet they felt something new coming up: the post-digital period. And the examples delivered by the WSYA winners, gave them a glance of the future. Of course this was a great compliment for all the six presenters. After each presentation a review by the three experts were given and they also gave hints about expansion or improvement. Some WSYA winners got advice where large companies would pay for dearly.

The session at Wundermann’s offices made me realise that this year’s group of winners were special and of a very professional level. It was not only enthusiasm that was driving them, but they had skills and a professional level of approach. They knew quite clearly what they were doing and what they wanted. They will also be heard in social media in the future.

It was also clear that this type of sessions with committed experts are going to help the WSYA winners. Besides experts from an ad agency they should also be brought into contact with venture capital/seed people. This combination should give them new inspiration for their projects.

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