Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UK Cross Media Week in Beirut

Skillset Media Academy Wales, in partnership with the British Council and Beirut Creative Cluster, are running their first multiplatform storytelling workshop in Lebanon.

Cross Media?Multiplatform or Transmedia Storytelling is the technique of telling a story using different platforms, such as television broadcast, online video, mobile phones, and downloaded podcasts which can be watched either on a computer or a portable media player. It is a bridging of film / broadcast / new media applications and can reach into publishing of books / DVDs / additional web content - cf. Yomi Ayeni's Clockwork Watch, the online series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (the Lizzie Bennet Diaries), or the successful Canadian TV show ReGenesis. A project of this kind will also rely on social-networking and intricate methods to develop an audience and brand loyalty.

The workshop
This 12 hour programme will draw on Skillset Media Academy Wales’ pool of expert industry tutors and their experience in running similar modules – in particular the Academy's successful programmes Transform@Lab (an elite workshop-based training programme designed to give graduate-level creative media students from across Europe the chance to develop and pitch cross-platform ideas in an intensive development lab), and CINOVATE, a programme to train film festival and cinema managers.
The programe will be led by Erica Wolf-Murray, Founder of Lola Media; James Mullighan, arts and film consultant, producer and commentator; and Patrick Roberts, design and communications consultant, who will draw on extensive experience of developing companies and individuals in the creative industries sector through their consultancy roles.

A 12 hour programme which will be divided into:
- A 3 hour introductory masterclass looking at international cross-platform best practice, with a focus on the UK creative and business sector;
- A 3 hour focused toolkit session for smaller groups, where companies/participants will be assisted in recognizing, retaining and developing the intellectual assets from their existing work practice as a foundation for future growth;
- A 3 hour Case studies session: looking at the cross-platform business planning of big UK brands such as BBC, Burberry, Tate and their lessons learnt;
- A 3 hour production session on cross-platform methods.
Optional e-mentoring and support will also be offered to participants for 3 months following the completion of the workshop.

Participants will be divided into small groups (5-6 people) for the toolkit, case studies and production sessions.
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Participants will:
- Gain a new perspective on their creative business;
- Gain an understanding of innovation tools for business within and outside their own sector;
- Increase productivity locally and globally
- Understand working across different skill sets
- Be able to communicate and inspire new ideas for cross-platform working

25-28 March 2013
at Berytech’s new venue in Beirut’s Digital District.
The deadline for applications is 1 March, 2013 (we aim to announce selected participants before Friday 8 March).

Lebanese/Lebanon-based creative entrepreneurs and creative content developers working across the creative and cultural industries (film, TV, publishing, performing arts, advertising/communications, videogames/interactive entertainment and media), with at least 3 years experience working in the sector.

How? Participants will need to apply before 1 March 2013 by submitting the form below. If selected, participants each have to pay a fee of USD 100 for the training. If applying on behalf of a company, please bear in mind that we will most likely only select one participant per business.

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