Saturday, February 23, 2013

BPN 1625: WSA's 10th anniversary (2)

The WSA Global Champions

On occasion of WSIS 10th birthday, the WSA archives were opened. A WSA Online Jury, consisting of 48 international jurors, once more evaluated 200 great WSA winners of 5 editions (2003,2005,2007,2009,2011), all of them already WSA Winners in former years, and selected their 8 WSA all time favourites: The WSIS + 10 Global Champions.

e-Annual Report
Producer: Centre of Registers and Infromation Systems
Country: Estonia
Category: e-Government & Institutions
WSA Winner 2011

Producer: Mpedigree
Operator: Sproxil
Country: Ghana
Category: e-Health & Environment
URL:  /
WSA Winner 2009

Producer: Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India
Category: e-Learning & Education
WSA Winner 2007

Mini Mundi Tamagotchi
Producer: MilknCookies
Country: Guatemala
Category: e-Entertainment & Games
WSA Winner 2011

Twelve Canoes
Producer: Wanted Digital
Country: Australia
Category: e- Culture & Heritage
WSA Winner 2009
Producer: Jozef Stefan Institue
Country: Slovenia
Category: e- Science & Technology
WSA Winner 2009

KIVA Microfinance
Producer: Kiva Microfund
Country: United States of America
Category: e- Business & Commerce
WSA Winner 2007

Deaf Planet
Producer: marblemedia & Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf
Country: Canada
Category: e- Inclusion & Participation
WSA Winner 2005


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