Thursday, April 20, 2006

Iceland to the broadband top

In the past two years broadband ranking lists have been of interest, especially in the Netherlands. And last year the Netherlands was climbing to the top of countries. Korea was the example and by the second half of last year the Netherlands was the top in Europe, given the penetration per 100 inhabitants. But Iceland has made a dash for the world top. It has now beaten the Netherlands and even Korea, according to the OECD report. The figures date back to December 2005 and pertain to xDSL, tv cable and other broadband opportunities such as glass fibre and satellite.

The Netherlands is second to Canada when it comes to tv cablenet. Canada has 10,8 connections per 100 inhabitants, while the Dutch have 9,3 connections per 100 inhabitants. The Netherlands does score with wireless connections and glass fibre. Wireless connections and glass fibre is still small. The question will be of course whether wireless connections and glass fibre will be the bootstrap for the second generation of broadband. If Dutch people remain happy with their present connection, the Dutch broadband world will become the first country on gaz, but the last one on electricity.

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