Friday, May 19, 2006

Editing the manuscript (6): Exploring Value Networks

One of the last articles to edit is an article by Harry Bouwman, Edward Faber and Erik van den Ham of the Netherlands.

The abstract of their paper reads:
Designing business models for mobile services is a complex undertaking because it requires multiple actors to balance different requirements and interests. A business model can be seen as a blueprint of four interrelated components: service offering, technical architecture, and organizational and financial arrangements. Although little attention has been paid to how these components are related, we need this knowledge to enhance our understanding of what constitutes a viable business model. In this paper we explore the connections between two of these components, namely service offering and organizational arrangements, i.e. network formation. Our focus is on services with which mobile workers can access back office information systems. We present two case studies exploring the dynamic relationship between service offering i.e. access to back office databases, and the organizational network that enables access. Both cases indicate that the shift from the development of a service to its exploitation is an important step in organizational network formation. One important issue to consider is scalability, both from a technological and an organizational point of view. Furthermore, existing relationships and trust between organizational partners play a significant role. Network formation is an important part of the development of a business model for innovative mobile services. The organizational network should match the service proposition.
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