Thursday, September 27, 2007

Europrix Top Talent Award Jury 2007 (1)

Today I fly to Salzburg for the grand jury of the Europrix Top Talent Award. This time around, it is jubilee as the Europrix Top Talent Award is being held for the tenth time; it is a diamond TTA. The Europrix Top Talent Award is a digital media competition, which gives young professionals and top students up to 30 years the chance to be promoted and exposed on the European stage. The competition benefits those who want to know how good their university coursework, freelance work or hobby-projects really are in comparison with their colleagues from other European countries. The Top Talent Awards will be awarded to the top projects; projects which are well-received by the jury will be awarded a Quality Seal in recognition of their good work – a certificate to make good impression on future employers.

The Europrix Top Talent Awards started as part of the Europrix competition in 1998. At the occasion of the Austrian presidency, a multimedia competition for companies and institutions was developed, including a parallel competition for students. The Europrix competition including the students’ competition, was financed by the European Commission and the Austrian government. After the second year the European Commission withdrew as one of the convenors of the Europrix, thus missing out on being involved in the latest developments in digital media and stimulating competition with the USA and Austral/Asia. After five years the Europrix competition for companies and institutes was terminated, but the students’ competition was broadened to the Europrix Top Talent Award for young professionals and top students up to 30 years. Now the Diamond Grand Jury will convene and deliberate about the 2007 winners. From November 23 to 24 the awards will be presented at a festival in Graz (Austria); the winners will be invited for this festival.

It is interesting to look back at the 10 years of competition. The first award went to Martin Casey for his production Broken Tongue. Martin Casey became a successful entrepreneur. Last FM was the winner of 2002 and is now a successful music site. A social project in 2004 was Non-violence. And these were the overall winners. But in the category winners there were several social projects, innovative projects and mobile projects. Many of the people in the project teams have made a successful career after winning a category or overall award. But also many of the students’ jury members have made an interesting career. A guy like the Frenchmen Damien Marchi worked in the team of cross media productions like Loft (French version of Big Brother) and Cult.

By Sunday morning there should be white smoke in Salzburg for the overall and category winners.

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