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EUROPRIX MUltimedia Top Talent Award 2008 (4)

Category: Games

In the category of games the jury looks for pulsating contentswith high speed interactions, highly involving and giving a rush to users.This category received 27 entries from 10 countries. The jury selected:
- And Yet IT Moves
- Hide n’Tag
- xFace Games.
In the category Hide n’Tag was the winner.

Title: Hide n’Tag
Producer: Michal Ferber (Israel)
URL: www.hidentag.com
Make the web your playground! Hide n’ Tag updates the classic childhood game of “Hide and Seek” and takes it into the interactive online world. The web game adds to the experience of surfing the internet and enables users to address the web as a playground, a physical space in which they need to find hiding-places. The game is played on websites according to the group's interests – easily arranged by creating and choosing tags. The thrill of Hide n’ Tag comes from the sense of excitement of being the hunter or hunted as users track down the Hiders or Seekers. The Hiders place hints on the links they click on while the Seekers have to try to follow their path.

Hide n’ Tag stands out as a highly innovative multiplayer game and it is a fantastic example of taking an available idea and finding a new way for everyone to enjoy it. The jury particularly enjoyed its uniqueness, implementation and how it brings a new purpose to web surfing. Users can find endlessly clever ways of teasing their pursuer by testing whether they see the same mental link between the websites as others do. It is therefore a great way to introduce new websites to friends. The game will be compelling for the age group of 7-12 years. Fresh gaming concepts are rare and Hide n’ Tag certainly delivers.

Title: And Yet it Moves
Producer: Felix Bohatsch, Christoph Binder, Jan Hacki, Peter Vorlaufer (Austria)
URL: www.andyetitmoves.at
Cut loose from the physics of everyday life! And Yet It Moves takes a fresh approach on solving puzzles. Gamers must rotate the displayed screen and flip the graphic environment 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise in order to make their way through a cave and out of the jungle. Gamers must solve fiendishly tricky puzzles by walking on the ceiling or on the walls in order to move loose objects out of the way – without trapping or killing themselves! The character is a mere hand-drawn figure that crashes to the ground and reassembles if it falls. The more skilful a gamer rotates the terrain, the higher he or she ranks on a virtual leader board.

For over a decade we have run, jumped and flown around screens with hundreds, perhaps thousands of games. And Yet It Moves is different. This game moves for us! After getting over the shock of loosing my sense of gravity, I easily learned that I could negotiate this whimsical terrain in new and surprising ways. This possibility of conquering physics and overcoming its limitations by rotating the screen to move across the paper-like crags is a most liberating way to play computer games..

Title: xFace Games
Producer: Jakob Leitner, Adam Gokcezade (Austria)
Xface Games combine the interactivity of table-top surfaces with rich social interaction to create two exciting games which use wireless pens for fast strategic action. xFace PenWars is a real time strategy game where two players can draw tanks using the pen-interface in order to compete against the opponent's units. Players receive only a certain amount of digital ink which affects the number, mobility and power of the tanks created. To win, a player has to carefully consider the properties of the opponent’s tanks in connection with the route they can choose to attack an enemy’s base. xFace Comino is a collaborative game for four players who have to solve puzzles using virtual and real domino blocks and custom-built physical interfaces in order to complete the different levels. Using the wireless pen-interface and special tangible menus, players can ‘draw’ lines of virtual domino blocks in order to connect the first domino block with the last one. Virtual domino blocks can also cause real domino blocks to topple over!

The trend towards table-top surface computers is beginning to be commercially viable and xFace Games take a refreshing approach to using this format for fun, interaction and team-building. xFace Comino is extremely clever and creative, clearly illustrating how the individual environment of working or playing at a computer screen could be revolutionised by these table-top surfaces. Overall, the application of the concepts of the game to the technology is impressive.
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