Saturday, August 06, 2022

First .nl novel in LHBT+ collection National Dutch Library

The Internet and the Dutch web have been important media for the emancipation of gay and lesbian people and/or transgender people in the Netherlands. The KB has therefore built up a special web collection of lhbt+ websites between 2018 and 2022. The abbreviation "lhbt+" stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and the sign "+" for all other possible sexual and gender identities of people who are also considered part of the lhbt+ community or who consider themselves part of it.

The special lhbt+ web collection includes websites from the Dutch web domain that can be a source of the lhbt+ community and culture or a reflection on them in Dutch society. These sites may not only reflect lhbt+ culture or heritage, but may also be the online harbingers of trends and developments in society and as such are worth preserving for future research. In addition, a site can also be a historical source of the difficult position this group of people was and is in, and of the discrimination and exclusion this community still faces today.  With this special web collection of websites with the lhbt+ theme, the KB aims to preserve digital information from the past about this population group and their culture for research in the present and the future. This way, the digital history of lhbt+ is kept alive and the preservation of this heritage and social acceptance of this group is promoted. We also show that the lhbt+-past is an important and underexposed part of Dutch history.

First online .nl novel had a lhbt+ theme

The first Dutch novel on the Dutch web appeared online in 1994 and was written by Marcel Bullinga. This was also a novel with an lhbt+ theme. The first Dutch language internet novel 'Roes der Zinnen' was published by the author at his own expense and risk. ... Thanks to web archaeologist and digital historian Jak Boumans from Almere, it was possible to acquire a physical copy of this novel for the KB collection. The floppy disk was still present in his personal collection. + powerpoint presentation


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