Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dutch government stimulates creative commons

Creative Commons has finally reached the Netherlands. Last Friday the two (female) undersecretaries of Economic Affairs (Mrs Van Gennip) and Education, Culture and Science (Mrs Van der Laan) presented a policy memorandum on the creative industry. And they did not mince words, but also offered a budget of 15,4 million euro.

The memorandum is aimed at arts, media&entertainment and creative services. In 2004 these sectors yielded 240.000 jobs, roughly 3 per cent of the total employment in the Netherlands. In the past 8 years the industry grew with 25 per cent. The added value of the creative industry in 2004 was roughly 8,4 billion euro.

One of the items which catches the attention in the memorandum is Creative Commons Nederland (CCN). This new institute is a co-operation between Creative Commons International (CCi), the Institute of Information law, Nederland Knowledgeland and Waag Society. The objective is to promote Creative Commons. CCN is very ambitious by stating that the pioneers role the Netherlands plays in Europe should be continued.

In the meantime there are already some creative commons projects. On September 15, 2005 the broadcasting company VPRO started the project 3VOOR12 Plunders Museums: visitors can download samples of exotic instruments to be used for their own compositions. Of course to be used later on the website

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