Wednesday, October 19, 2005

WSA Grand Jury special mentions

Not all exciting projects submitted to the WSA can win, that’s clear. But taking into account the different cultures and different levels of economic and technical development among the 168 participating countries, it is a matter of fairness to publish and showcase not only the best 40 projects. This is why the jury awarded several special mentions.

If a world region – (i) North America, Australia & New Zealand; (ii) Latin America & the Caribbean; (iii) Asia; (iv) Europe; (v) Africa; (vi) the Arab countries & the Middle East – was not present among the best five products in each of the eight WSA categories, the Grand Jury selected the top-ranked product of this region and honored it with a special mention.

This way, the state of excellence and the development of the e-Content industry in all the world regions of the WSA 05 can be showcased and demonstrated.

For the 05 competition, there are 25 products that have received a special mention:

(1) e-Government
Welcome to the Panama Canal – Panama – Singapore
Cape Gateway – South Africa

(2) e-Health
Fleury Website - Brazil
Talking Glove – Iran
E-Health in the South: The Malian Experience – Mali

(3) e-Learning
Armenian Genocide of 1915-1923 – Armenia
Pax Warrior – Canada
EDSNET – Namibia
Islam Web – Qatar

(4) e-Entertainment – Azerbaijan
VITI for Kids – Egypt
eyeMagic – New Zealand
Where to Go in Lagos – Nigeria

(5) e-Culture
Azuero – Panama
State of the Arts – South Africa

(6) e-Science
The ExperiMENTALS – Australia
Medical Parasitology – Iran
University Research on Hypermedia – Togo
Portal of the Globalization, Culture and Social Transformation Program (Globalcult) - Venezuela

(7) e-Business
Virtual Coffee Auction Program – Guatemala – Kenya – New Zealand

(8) e-Inclusion
Agenda Feminist Media Project – South Africa
Vietnam Development Gateway – Vietnam

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