Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My first videochat

I know that I am late with installing my webcam and getting everything installed for videochat. Of course all my nephews and nieces have it already (or not?). But rather late than never and it works: the videochat. Last night I downloaded msn and got everything installed. Straight away I could start a videochat with my buddy Cai in Finland. It does add a lot to a normal telephone conversation, or better, a videochat is quite different from a normal telephone conversation.

We have a lot to go through as there is a trip of entrepreneurs from the North of Holland and an educational delegation to Mindtrek, the big multimedia event in Tampere.

Last year there was already the wish to make a trip to Tampere. It is quite a center of multimedia with a Nokia Research Lab, the Hypermedia Lab, the University and a research center TTVO.

We are very happy with the delegation of 30 participants. You never know when you work out such an idea. In the Netherlands the EVD, a department of the ministry of Economic Affairs, organises this type of trips regularly and has a lot of experience and of course people to execute the plan. But we were also very lucky to find a partner with a list of companies and a lot of contacts as well as a back-office.

Cai international coordinator of the Tampere sSchool of Arts and Media, will be responsible for the educational program. Mikko of Culminatum will be responsible for the entrepreneurial part.

And chatting by video makes it now easier to get through the nitty gritty of organising everything.

Oh, if you want to videochat, please contact me on msn with my normal e-mail address.

Again it is another event in my personal communication history.

1952: saw my first tv broadcast of the crowning of queen Elisabeth
1955: my first telephone call
1956: my first photo camera
1967: worked with an IBM golfball typewriter with 1k correction memory
1968: my first 8 mm movie
1970: my first contact with a mini computer
1977: my first online experience at a demonstration of Kluwer’s legal database
1978: my first videotext experience
1980: Teletekst, the Dutch Ceefax service
1980: my first e-mail via US service The Source
1980: opening of the Dutch videotext service Viditel
1980: heard my first audio CD
1980: my first PC: Superbrain
1983: my first portable PC Zenith Model 100 (still operational)
1984: launch of the first daily online newsletter for the computing industry IDB Online
1984: saw for the first time a CD-ROM at Philips in Eindhoven
1986: finished my first professional CD-ROM production
1987: finished the Kluwer legal database CD-ROM trial production
1993: my first CD-I player
1995: got my first mobile
1999: bought a Sony Vaio PC with a webcam, which I used as photo camera
2003: my first digital photo and movie camera
2004: made my first MMS picture in Athens
050501: start of my blog Buziaulane
051010: got my first Skype call from Kresimir in Croatia using the microphone of the new webcam
051017: had my first videochat with Cai in Finland

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