Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Non-commercial announcement

An American Photographer (Rick Doble), an Italo-Canadian Artist-Researcher (Marcella Giulia Lorenzi) and an Italian Scientist (Mauro Francaviglia) come together in a project at the crossroad of Art & Science, in the framework of the European “Culture Program” Project SCIENAR. At exactly 100 years after its birth in Milano, 1909, Futurism is revisited in an exhibition and an installation based on the new potentialities of Digital Photography (“Painting with Light”). It is discussed how Futurism aimed at depicting “dynamism”, leading to Bragaglia’s idea of “Photodynamism”, and how it was related with the new scientific ideas of SpaceTime born with Einstein Theory of Relativity; it is then shown why Digital Photography, generating variations of the same basic ideas, can offer a genuine “Future to Futurism”. An explanatory seminar will accompany the event, that will take place within the “Generative Art 2009” Conference held at the Polytechnical School of Milano from 15 to 17 December, 2009.

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