Sunday, November 12, 2006

A first in the Netherlands: whole movie in episodes on mobile phone

For the first time in the Netherlands, an entire movie is offered on mobile phone. The The English-language movie Crusade in Jeans that premieres in Pathé Schouwburgplein Rotterdam on 12 November and will play in the Dutch cinemas from 15 November, will be serialised and exclusively offered on Vodafone live! in twelve installments of ten minutes each. From 15 November every week customers can watch a new episode on their mobile phone.

Crusade in Jeans is a compelling adventure in the international best seller Dutch language book for teens "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek" by Thea Beckman which was published in 1973. The story has now been filmed by Ben Sombogaart. The fifteen year old Dolf uses a prototype time machine and gets stuck in the Dark Ages. He gets struck down by bandits, but is saved by the beautiful and tough Jenne. She is part of a children's crusade: eightthousand children on their way to Jerusalem to free the city of the Persians. Dolf helps the children to defy the terrible mountains, to conquer disease and to fight evil knights. Slowly Dolf begins to realize, the real danger does not lurk behind the next mountaintop, but the danger is the crusade itself. Dolf suspects the charismatic leader of the crusade, father Anselmus, to use him as a pawn in his horrifying plan...

From 30 October Vodafone customers can already see the movie trailer for free on Vodafone live!. Also the movie's music clip, full track music download by Ozark Henry and ringtones of the title song are offered on ^Vodafone mobiles. From 15 November the movie will be offered in twelve weekly episodes.

To offer "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek" Vodafone signed an exclusive agreement with Benelux Film Distributors (BFD). BFD is a joint venture from several independent film distributors that presents a broad range of movies in the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg cinemas.

Prior to "Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek" the video clips "Stars are Blind" by Paris Hilton and "Saturday Night" by Armin van Buuren on the artist Herman Brood could be watched exclusively on Vodafone live! before they were broadcasted on television.


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