Monday, November 27, 2006

TTA: the Dutch categorywinner

Today I am pushing out the good news of our Dutch category winner to the media. The Dutch company Submarine has won the award in the category Games with the Tulkse Luper Journey. The press release has gone to traditional print media such as daily newspapers and magazines as well to internet publications. Planet Internet, brought the news with a photograph, about half an hour after the release. The press release has also gone to the colleges and universities.

This publicity is intended in order to get the name of the winner and EUROPRIX spread. Of course we hope that next year these schools and young producers will participate in the Dutch competition, organised by the foundation It has been a habit to enter the Dutch nominations to the European edition of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award. So the more entries we receive in the Netherlands the more choice there is to select quality.

The nomination was for the game of the Tulse Luper Journey. This game reconstructs the life of writer and collector Tulse Luper, who archived his entire life in 92 suitcases. Despite spending most of his years in prison, he mysteriously managed to be at important 20th century events. Based on director Peter Greenaway’s film trilogy, the Tulse Luper Journey is an enormous community project which invited young flash designers from across Europe to submit interactive Flash games. Film fragments, puzzles and letters written by different characters must be unlocked and solved. By collecting all 92 film fragments from each suitcase, gamers reconstruct a 90 minute film about his life. Gamers also have the chance to discuss their ‘research’ in forums or compete for a round-the-world holiday. The installation version features real suitcases which contain LCD screens and hidden PC’s.

Of course the Dutch delegation was very happy for the company Submarine and specifically for the young producer Christiaan de Rooij (see photograph). This year there was a large delegation from The Netherlands. Besides the project team, there were representative of the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden and the Hogeschool Rotterdam. There were attending the EADiM Academic Network Conference which ran parallel to the Festival.

In the coming week I will present an overview of the nominations in the various categories including the category winners as well as the links to the projects. You can find a list of the nominees.


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