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Putting a course on content together (10)

As promised this blog will be the last instalment in the mini-series on putting a course of content together. The last instalment is about content resources and not so much about building blocks for the course. The list of resources has been culled from the resource list in the book E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market by Peter Bruck (ed) e.a, published by Springer in 2005. Additions have been made from my own resource list.

ACTeN – Anticipating Content Technology Needs
ACTeN was a EU-funded thematic network headed by MFG Baden-Würt-temberg, in which 11 partners from 10 countries cooperated to build an enlarged business and industry community in the area of multimedia technologies and E-Content applications and tools. Especially the content e-content reports and reports on the round table conferences are interesting.

Content Village
An accompanying measure of the eContent programme of the European Commission – key to information on the eContent programme, its pro-jects and participants. This communication and knowledge-sharing plat-form offers a wealth of resources of interest to the digital content com-munity, language industry, and public sector.

Cordis is the European Community’s Research and Development In-formation Service. It is an important source on EU R&D programmes and relevant matters and can help to participate in EU funded research programmes, find partners, and transfer innovative ideas.

DM Europe.com
DigitalMediaEurope is an online daily newswire and subscription service dedicated to covering continent-wide developments in digital media. The explosion in the delivery of digital content via various media across the continent can be confusing even for industry stakeholders. With DMeurope.com, those in the industry, investors, academics and others in Europe and beyond can benefit from a news service that tracks these developments and allows them to come to grips with what is happening in the sector across the new Europe.

eContent programme
The eContent programme was adopted by the European Council in De-cember 2000 for a period of four years with a budget of € 100 million. Later on, it was agreed upon an update of the work programme from 2003 to 2004. eContent aims at supporting the production, use and dis-tribution of European digital content and promoting linguistic diversity on the global networks. The programme contributes to the third objec-tive of the eEurope action plan: “to stimulate the use of the Internet”.

EPS – Electronic Publishing Services
EPS is a consultancy which has concentrated its whole attention speci-fically on the information industry. It provides newsletters and reports on electronic publishing trends mainly for business and scientific con-tents.

Game Studies
Game Studies is a cross-disciplinary journal dedicated to games re-search. The focus lies on aesthetic, cultural and communicative aspects of computer games.

Mobile Content World
The Mobile Content World web magazine looks at every stage of the mobile content value chain – from origination, through distribution, to sales. Its mission is to promote innovation in the development, distribu-tion and monetisation of mobile content across the world.

Mobile Info
Mobile Info is a website for mobile computing and wireless informa-tion.

MocoNews.net is a news site dedicated to the mobile content sector, that also offers a daily newsletter. Just like paidcontent.org (see below) it is run by ContentNext, an independent media and information company covering the business of digital media.

OECD Work on Digital Content
The OECD’s Working Party on the Information Economy (WPIE) is undertaking analysis of the digital delivery of content, recognising that the rapid development of "always-on" broadband Internet services is transforming high-growth industries that provide or have the potential to provide digital content. Specifically, it was agreed to undertake stock-taking studies in the following three areas: scientific and technical pub-lishing, music, and online computer games.

Outsell, Inc
Outsell is the only market research and advisory company that focuses on the entire information industry, worldwide.

PaidContent is an independent service for the digital media and technol-ogy executives, providing news and resources on: tethered and wireless paid content industry, subscription-enabling technologies, and corporate initiatives in gaining subscription revenues through content.

Rightscom News Briefing
Rightscom News Briefing is a free newsletter provided by Rightscom, focussing on developments in the digital information industries such as E-Content, digital rights management, as well as online and mobile con-tent distribution.

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction
This joint initiative of the European MEDIA Plus Programme Training with the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München aims at further-ing fiction writing skills for the interactive media market. The project focuses on the most fundamental and creative level: the stage of devel-oping storytelling ideas and organising them into workable interactive concepts. The aim of the ongoing cross-disciplinary project is to en-courage a professional knowledge transfer between the audio-visual in-dustry and the interactive market.

Screen Digest
The news and market research journal Screen Digest was founded in 1971. Screen Digest is an important source of business intelligence, re-search, and analysis on global audiovisual media.

Shore Communications Inc.
Shore's consulting and research services focus on professionally-oriented content and the technologies that enable its value in enterprise and media markets.

Software & Information Industry Association
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age. SIIA has a content division.

Strategic Studies on E-Content
Within the scope of the eContent programme of the European Commission, a number of strategic studies were carried out, e.g. on mobile con-tent or on the commercial exploitation of Europe’s public sector infor-mation.

Streaming Media
This industry-oriented site provides news and business intelligence, and covers strategic and technological developments related to streaming media.

Streaming Media World
Streamingmediaworld features articles, hours of audio / video content, news, research reports, industry directory and case studies that showcase the latest real-world streaming media implementations.


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