Thursday, November 23, 2006

Video in The Netherlands: not all hallelujah (4)

In the forum of the Cross Media Café, there were two sites with the newspaper company De Telegraaf as partner: Clip’It and Sugababes.

Clip’It is a TV site which is under construction. The site looks rather straight as the user gets the instruction: clip a video, send it, vote it and win it. For the rest the site looks like a conduit for selling subscriptions of print products.

Sugababes is the most popular social network for youngsters. It has 1 million profiles with 350.000 active members. It has 1 million broadband visitors a month. Penetration of Sugababes audience is comparable to television channels like TMF/Box and MTV.
This year the Sugababes TV channel was launched with live shows, only via internet. The shows are produced by a young production team in an owned studio. For interactive TV broadcasts the production company had made a joint venture with Digital Magics. This company delivers the knowledge about interactive broadcasts, formats and the technical platform.

The expectations were high. By now the first statistics are known: 5.000 till 10.000 viewers per broadcast. The conclusion is that the majority of the Sugababes database does not automatically fall in love with TV. The statistics are not up to par with regular TV, which was expected; on the other hand the TV offer on internet is high. The present viewing figures are too low for a commercially profitable exploitation. The management team is now taking measures to upgrade the viewing figures by inviting popular singers.

For the time being Sugababes TV will be continued and the gained experience will be used for producing live web TV for third parties such as broadcasting companies, internet service providers and media companies. But the experience will also be used for the production of non live cross media web TV programmes with the stress on webvertising and sponsoring. All this is seen as preparations of the new Sugababes web TV format, dubbed the SB Experience.
This will imply an integration of and The broadcasts will be available on demand. Per TV broadcast an audience of 50.000 people is aimed at. The exposure for ad account managers and sponsors will need to be higher through e-mail marketing and regular bannering.

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