Wednesday, April 02, 2008

BPN 1056 The European multimedia competition season is open

Two European digital media competitions have been announced: the Europrix and the European Innovative Games Award.

The Europrix Multimedia Awards is in its 11th year. The new edition of the Europrix (formerly known as Europrix Top Talent Awards) has been launched on March 15. Young creative multimedia producers up to 30 years of age are invited to enter their works in 9 categories. This year there is an additional category "Inscape Special Award: Interactive Storytelling". All 30 finalists will be invited (all expenses paid) to the Europrix Festival in November 2008 in Graz (Austria).

- Online / Web Projects
- Offline Projects / Interactive DVD
- Mobile Applications
- Games
- Interactive Computer Graphics
- Interactive Installations
- Interactive TV
- Content Tools & Interface Design
- Digital Video & Animations

Inscape Special Award: Interactive Storytelling
The Inscape Special Award is open for all interactive stories and projects which have been realized with the Inscape Authoring Software, available for the open community on or at The awarded project will receive a brand new laptop with the final Inscape software package pre-installed.

A new kid on the block of mdigital media competitions is the European Innovative Games Award (EIGA). It has been set up by the German Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport, Urban and Regional Development in cooperation with the European Commission. The competition wants to encourage the development of innovative games as the games sector has turned into a driving force for the whole IT sector in the last two years. Hardly any other sector has made such large steps forward in such a short time, both economically and technologically. For the purpose of this game competition both technology and content may be innovative.
Participation is sollicited from niche productions to top sellers: game developers, game publishers, publishing companies, freelancers. Young new talent who create, publish and sell computer and/or video games from any member state of the European Union (EU) are all eligible to take part in this competition. The aim of the award is for one thing to reveal possible applications of the best innovative computer and video games and to award them the prize money of €35,000. For another thing, the award is to contribute to further international networking and therefore advance the games sector in Europe.

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