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BPN 1068 Dutch internet viewing figures

What do Dutch people do on internet? They are very busy on three sites. They Google, they keep themselves busy on the Dutch social site Hyves and regularly check the news service

Top Ten List of most visited sites

Rank/Website/Hours (million)
1. Google: 38,5
2. Hyves: 19,5
3. 10,9
4. Relatieplanet: 8,5
5. Startpagina: 6,8
6. AD: 5,6
7. MSN: 5,5
8. Zigiz: 4,1
9. Marktplaats: 4,1
10. YouTube (NL): 3,3

Source: Multiscope
Time scan: March 2008

According to a scan by the marketing bureau Multiscope, Google, Hyves and account for 70 million hours on internet in the month of March 2008. Google ranks first in the list with 38,5 million hours monthly. Hyves follows with 19,6 million hours monthly and tallies 10,9 million hours monthly.

Monthly 170 million hours are spent on 100 sites by the Dutch. The first ten sites account for 65 percent of the time. In the top ten only three Dutch versions of foreign sites are ranked:, (5,5 million hours monthly) and Besides Hyves and, the dating site Relatieplanet is good for 8,5 million hours monthly, the starting directory Startpagina accounts for 6,9 million hours monthly and the Dutch eBay affiliate Marktplaats takes 4,1 million hours monthly.

The stats presented in the table are pointing at the total surf time; the scan also recorded the frequency of visits per month, the average time spent on the site (intensity). Frequency and intensity say something about the engagement with a site.

Looking at the top ten list it is remarkable that only three foreign companies have made inroads in the first ten. Also the spread of types of sites is interesting with Google as search engine, the social site Hyves with 5 million + participants and the news site But also the other seven are spread as there is the dating site Relatieplanet, the starting directory Startpagina, the newspaper AD, the communication channel MSN, the games site Zigiz, the auction site Marktplaats and the movie channel YouTube.

Looking at the list I started to count up the time I spent on the top ten sites. My conclusion is that I am a a-typical Dutch user who hardly contributed to the ranking, except for the Google search engine and the multimedia news on Relatieplanet, Startpagina, MSN, Zigiz and Marktplaats I never touch. Hyves, AD and I visit very occassionally.

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