Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BPN 1069 New tool to enrich content bloggers

I have often written about the Europrix, a multimedia competition for t=young professionals under 30 years of age. It is an annual competition; in fact it has just started again for this year’s competition.

And sometimes you hear back of what has become of the award winner. The most famous award winners are the initiators of Last.fm. But in 2005 there was producer Ziga Aljaz from Slovenia with his project Strip Generator. And he is not resting on his laurels. Ziga has recently launched a new project with his ZEK CREW: 4+ is an internet based exhibition you can observe daily, because it unfolds in real time. Each of the four authors uses his own unique colour and the goal is to fill the black space with a random composition of overlapping graphics and illustrations. http://4-plus.blogspot.com/.

And more came from Slovania: the project Strip Mine project for RTV Slovenia, a journalistic and broadcast tool which uses micro-chunking for news broadcasts, makes automatic references to the Wikipedia and mails the articles to registered bloggers. The team behind this development founded the company Zemanta in May 2007 with a vision of a new
generation of smart web services. They team received many acclaims, but the founders led their company also to the forefront of the most promising European start-ups. The company has been selected as a RedHerring 100 Europe pick in March 2008, which is more than just honour. It usually leads to venture capital. Happily enough the company received already support of two leading British venture capital funds.

Zemanta announced the public beta version of its web service that will make blogging life fun again. Their tool will integrate will integrate with whichever blogging platform you are using and as you write suggest contextually relevant pictures, links and articles that you can use to enhance your post with. In this way rich content can be expected, while next generation semantic web applications require it. The company claims to make it simple and fun to produce high quality web content. The claim: Our service utilizes the power of advanced machine-learning and natural language processing algorytms, so that you don't have to do repetitive tasks and can just be creative!

After a long introduction Zemanta offers now to test drive their Zemanta Firefox Extension by installing the extension from: http://www.zemanta.com/download/ and navigate to your favourite dashboard. Zemanta supportsblogger.com, wordpress.com, typepad.com, and most of self- or elsewhere-hosted wordpresses as well. Thecomapny will also soon launch the Internet Explorer version.

I am going to install Firefox again to check out Zemanta Firefox Extension. In my opinion, it might be a new inspiration to many bloggers.

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