Friday, April 04, 2008

BPN 1058 Affordable glass fibre by Dutch BroadNet

BroadNet (BreedNet) has closed the first agreement to offer glass fibre to companies in the provinces North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht. The companies of KPN, @Work, Multikabel, Casema and UNET will participate in this business project.

Companies and institution in 14 municipalities will get an affordable offer for glass fibre connections. BroadNet will become the largest broadband project in the Dutch business market.

Broadnet stimulates the innovative use of glass fibre by Small and Medium Enterprises and social institutes. More and more companies and institutes want faster internet access and datalines. The present connections are either cable or ADSL. The glass fibre connections can be 10 to 200 times as fast as cable and ADSL.

BroadNet makes an inventory of the SMEs and social institutes in the participating municipalities. The parties are put into contact with the suppliers of glass fibre connections. BroadNet uses an open network model, in which any service supplier can offer service such as telephony, internet, television, camera protection and ICT.

BroadNet is based on a so-called Open Partnership in order to guarantee an optimal working of the market. BroadNet concludes agreements with market parties for their participation in the Open Partnership. KPN is the first market party to conclude such an agreement. It is expected that the companies @Work, Multikabel, Casema and UNET will also conclude agreements in the coming weeks.

By uniting the demand it is possible to organize the supply and thus create an affordable offer. The fast internet offers the opportunity to SMEs and social institutes to expand their market or their services. With BroadNet the economic structure will sustainably be re-enforced.

From April onwards, a large scale marketing campaign will address SMEs and social institutes to inform them about glass fibre. The website will be at the centre of this campaign. A check on the zipcode will reveal whether and when an application can be made. The applicant can choose between 100Mbps for 275 euro a month or 1Gbps for 625 euro a month.

The project is performed by the foundation iMMovator Cross Media Network and is made possible by a financial contribution by the ministry of Economic Affairs in the framework of Peaks in the Delta. Besides the provinces, 14 municipalities will contribute.

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