Friday, October 17, 2008

BPN 1253 E-Books not before 2030 in wide use

I have been interviewed for an article European Publishers Gear Up for Brave New World of E-Books on the Deutsche Welle site. One quote: 'Jak Boumans, a Dutch media-content consultant who runs his own firm, Electronic Media Reporting, is convinced e-books are here to stay. But he estimates it will be at least 2030 before they are in wide usage, considering how many details still need to be ironed out, and how ingrained peoples' attitudes are towards reading’.

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Jak Boumans said...

I've enjoyed your blog for a while but it was your quotes in "European Publishers Gear Up for Brave New World of E-Books". I think our product, Stanza on the iPhone / iPod Touch, hits on a number of the things that you mention in the recent article including multi-functional device, access to a free portfolio of downloadable material, download service through the iPhone, and eventually paid content (that we'll have available for sale in the next quarter or two).

As a brief introduction, Lexcycle's Stanza is the best reviewed (4.5 stars on the Apple App Store) and most popular ebook reader ( for the iPhone. Nearly 400,000 users have downloaded Stanza for the iPhone / iPod Touch since the App Store opened in mid July, and 30,000-40,000 books are downloaded every day through Stanza. Here is some of the buzz we've been generating:,28804,1823107_1823513_1823554,00.html

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