Saturday, September 17, 2005

Broadband yields broadcast on Internet

Broadband gets broadcasters online In the Netherlands more than 54 per cent of the 6.2 million households have broadband. And you wonder what the people in those households really consult. Do they read news, do they download or stream music or do they download or stream video.

This week it became clear that the Dutch broadcast companies reap the benefits from internet for the first time. In August the visits of the websites of the public and commercial broadcast companies grew to 20,9 million; in comparison to the same period in 2004 it was 8,3 million. And the latest broadcast company Talpa of John de Mol was the fastest growing multimedia broadcast company; even before starting the Big Brother TV program and 24 hours Internet site.

While the TV audiences slim, the internet audience of the broadcast companies on Internet grow. This is not only due to the growing number of broadband households, but also due to the web strategies of the broadcast companies. Talpa has forced the other broadcast companies to the brink as far as internet goes. With 24 hour Big Brother the public and commercial companies are loosing ground. And Talpa is not only moving up fast in the Dutch broadcast list, but takes already the 18th position in the total Dutch list.

SBS Broadacasting is lagging behind. Their interest in Internet is not great. RTL (Bertelsmann), radio and television stations, is rapidly closing in on the public broadcast companies. But at least for the rest of the season it will have to fear Talpa with Big Brother.

Multiscope, a Dutch market research company, put the following table together.
1. Public broadcast companies 5.510.000 49% (+33%)
2. RTL Nederland radio and tv 5.180.000 46% (+96%)
3. Talpa radio and television 3.050.000 27%
4. SBS Broadcasting radio + tv 1.550.000 14% (+61%)
This table shows the four groups of Dutch broadcasting companies, the unique visitors level in millions, the market reach in percentages and the growth in percentages.

RTL Netherlands is in fact the fastest growing company which will take over the lead of the public broadcast companies. This is partly due the action domain, and also to the uniform style adapted for the websites. With Big Brother Talpa will also threaten the position of the public broadcast companies.

So far no theme channels nor interactive televison show sites have been researched.

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