Saturday, September 24, 2005

Recommended events and books

Today I just make a list of recommended events and books.

Event: Second Vocinet workshop in Tampere (FI) from 10-12 Nov. 2005

Interactive content production demands a new kind of project management. Production cycles have changed and good knowledge of these processes is necessary for all professionals involved, not only for those responsible for management. Media convergence brings new devices, new formats, new business models and new roles for all members of the creative team. Designing digital media content is often cyclical and iterative, a continuous development process. Many people work in small companies where each person may be responsible for project management.
The VocINet workshop on Project Design will discuss the challenges that young professionals meet working in digital media business: the importance of communication, resources, networking. The workshop provides different methods and possibilities how to teach management skills for design students from different fields, how to help students to understand the importance of customer’s and user’s needs, the clients expectations; how to combine their creative skills into a controllable designing production process.

The workshop is organized as a part of VocINet - Vocational Training and Network for European Instructors in Interactive Audio-Visual Media. VocINet is partly funded by the EU MEDIA programme.

It brings together new media experts, producers of outstanding multimedia projects and instructors who want to learn and enhance their skills together with participants from all over Europe. Specially designed for instructors in the field of new media, the two and half day intensive workshop will feature theoretical lectures as well as group work and practical case analysis sessions, all held by international experts and pioneers of Project Design. The workshop consists of lectures, case study presentations and group work sessions, in which the participants create and develop ideas for curricula and practical training.

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Book: E-Content - Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market

This book edited by P.A. Bruck; A. Buchholz; Z. Karssen; A. Zerfass addresses the question how content industries change within a digital environment and what role information and communication technologies play in transforming the competitive landscape. The authors argue that post-industrial societies tend to pay substantial amounts for equipment and gadgets but invest far too little in the quality of the content. In result, much effort is and has to be spent on the enhancement of E-Content. The contributions give an elaborate overview of - the specifics, challenges and prospects of content in the network economy; - Market developments of digital media services; - Paid content business models; - Impacts on scientific publishing; - Developments in the field of E-Learning; - The interplay between technology and content with the example of interactive digital TV; - The mobile games market; - Emerging new cross media markets; - The need to enhance the usability of websites and mobile applications; - How digital applications might be used to capture and store our personal experiences; A final chapter shows the prospects of the European E-Content market and gives an overview of valuable initiatives and resources dealing with the topic of E-Content.

From the contents: ▶ Introduction ▶ E-Content in Europe - Dimensions of an Emerging Field ▶ The State of Digital Media Service Business ▶ Paid Content – From Free to Fee ▶ The Impact of E-Learning ▶ Scientific Publishing – A European Strength ▶ Mobile Games – An Emerging Content Business Area ▶ Cross-Media on the Advance ▶ Interactive Digital Television in Europe ▶ The Usability Factor – Improving the Quality of E-Content ▶ Experience Machines – Capturing and Retrieving Personal Content ▶ Prospects of E-Content in Europe ▶ A Guide to European Initiatives and Resources in E-Content.

2005. XII, 244 p. 24 fig. 28 tab., Hardcover
ISBN 3-540-540-25093-X ▶ € 64,95, £ 50,00

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Book Spatial Portals

“Spatial portals are Web sites that make it easier to find, access, and use geographic information available on the World Wide Web. They are changing the way we interacxt with spatial information and have the potential to become the fundamental platform through which we discover, publish and share geographical knowledge.”

Spatial Portal gives an interesting outlook in the evolving developments in geographic information. It will not only make information more accessible but also more easy to interpret. It will change information in content.

The author Winnie Tang is the founder and CEO of ESRI, a company specialising in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

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Book: e-Content: Voices From the Ground

The book «e-Content: Voices From the Ground» presents for the first time a comprehensive comparison of e-Content and ICT policies on a global scale. It introduces 30 countries from every continent on their way to the Information Society. The book comprises a mixture of expert-interviews and research findings which describe the situation of ICTs in countries like Brazil, Gambia, Slovakia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Indonesia or Bahrain. «e-Content: Voices From the Ground - Version 1.0» by Osama Manzar and Peter A. Bruck has been published by the Digital Empowerment Foundation and the World Summit Award.The book costs EURO 15/$ 10.More info:

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