Thursday, September 15, 2005

Second VociNet workshop

There was an announcement in the mail of the VociNet project. This EU funded project is an initiative of the Instructors’ Network. This network of multimedia instructors, mainly from Europe, exchange ideas, have workshops and once a year a conference in Vienna.

This will be the second workshop of the VociNet project. The first one was held in Salzburg on digital storytelling. It turned out to be a very interesting workshop with very interesting presentations.

The Finnish host Cai Melakoski (picture: Andrea Buchholz)

The second workshop of the VociNet project will be held in Tampere (Finland) in November. The workshop will be held at an interesting time, as at the same time the Mindtrek week takes place, the largest multimedia event in Finland. If you want to meet a multimedia producer from Finland, you have to be there in that week.

The city of Tampere (picture Andrea Buchholz)

The VociNet workshop concerns teaching project management for students of interactive content creation. The brochure text reads:
Interactive content production demands a new kind of project management. Production cycles have changed and good knowledge of these processes is necessary for all professionals involved, not only for those responsible for management. Media convergence brings new devices, new formats, new business models and new roles for all members of the creative team. Designing digital media content is often cyclical and iterative, a continuous development process. Many people work in small companies where each person may be responsible for project management.
The VocINet workshop on Project Design will discuss the challenges that young professionals meet working in digital media business: the importance of communication, resources, networking. The workshop provides different methods and possibilities how to teach management skills for design students from different fields, how to help students to understand the importance of customer’s and user’s needs, the clients expectations; how to combine their creative skills into a controllable designing production process.
The workshop is organized as a part of VocINet - Vocational Training and Network for European Instructors in Interactive Audio-Visual Media. VocINet is partly funded by the EU MEDIA programme.
It brings together new media experts, producers of outstanding multimedia projects and instructors who want to learn and enhance their skills together with participants from all over Europe. Specially designed for instructors in the field of new media, the two and half day intensive workshop will feature theoretical lectures as well as group work and practical case analysis sessions, all held by international experts and pioneers of Project Design. The workshop consists of lectures, case study presentations and group work sessions, in which the participants create and develop ideas for curricula and practical training.
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