Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hard to distinguish

Recently the Free Record Shop was told by a record company that it was selling piracy copies of Katie Melua’s CD Piece by Piece. The chain has immediately removed all the unauthorised copies from their stores.Buyers have been offered a refund. And the Free Recors Shop Holding has also contacted Brein, the Dutch piracy watchdog, and pointed it to the CD provider.

The holding of the Free Record Shop is shocked that is has unwillingly collaborated with the illegal sale of the record. It is busy to rexconstruct how this could happen. Clear is that you need a fine eye in order to distinguish the pirate copy from the orginal. The CD copies cannot be distinguished from the original ones, but the printed sleeve gave away the piracy.
This incident shows how close the piracy world is to penetrate the legal trading world. If a chain like the Free Record Shop makes such a mistake in good faith, the piracy CD provider must have reliable company covers, at least at first sight.


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