Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympic webcasts

The Dutch public broadcast system has created 6 webchannels to broadcast the Olympic Winter Games. I have checked the channel and heard the commentary, but hardly saw any pictures; and when I saw them they frooze. It seems that the contractor on behalf of the Dutch public broadcast system, the European Broadcast Union, has limited the broadcasts as to region and bandwith. It is clear that more bandwith is needed. For the skating events I will go back to regular cable television, for I want to see the Dutch pick up another medal.

BTW I saw a nice piece of innovation in stamps. The Dutch postal services TNT/TPC (I lost track of their brand strategy) issues a new stamp on the occassion of the Olympic Winter Games commemorating skate icons like Ard Schenk. The stamp contains a hologram film which shows the skater moving forwards. The Belgian site mouseover shows the effect of the stamp.

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