Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cable operator tests 100Mbps network

Last year in July, I wrote a blog on Dutch cable companies upgrading their speed by cable. This week the Essent made an announcement. Essent Kabelcom, the Dutch operator of the @Home internet service, is going to trial an internet speed of 100Mbps in 20.000 households in the Netherlands. The speed will be the same upwards as well as downwards. The technology will be delivered by the Finnish company Teleste.

The technology is based on Ethernet to the Home (EttH). Clients will not have a modem any longer, but will be able to link up their Ethernet jacket into the network. Essent hopes to find out what households do with such a speed.

This test is a follow-up of the technical pilot in Boxmeer, a town in the south of the Netherlands. In this technical pilot households had a speed of 10Mbps at their disposal. Especially the network was tested and more particularly the scaling up of the number of households. Now three years after the start of this pilot, @Home wants to offer a speed which is future proof.

It is interesting to see a Dutch cable company scaling up, where telcos are still offering low ADSL speeds (2 to 10Mbps), while Essent will offer on trial basis an SDSL speed of 100Mbps. This is different from the snail speed of 1025/512 Mbps offered by my provider Versatel. It is about time to start looking around for another provider. Can you imagine that in the Netherlands we left dial-up behind us some three years ago and now we are demanding speeds of 100Mbps. Where will it end?


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