Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Up to the TTA Gala 2006

The Top Talent Award Gala was postponed from the usual spot in November 2005 to March 2006. Reason for this was the Presidency of the European Unionby the main sponsor Austria, but the format was much like the TTA Galas before. Now that the TTA Gala 2005 is over, the preparations for the TTA Gala 2006 have started. The campaign to attract entries has started again. By August/September the jury will convene and select the nominees and winners. And by November the TTA Gala 2006 will be held again in Vienna. For more information keep track of the Europrix TTA site.

In the meantime there will be all kind of TTA events and publications. There are the EUROPRIX Top Talent Special Exhibition and the TTA Road show. The TTA has a permanent show at the Technisches Museum in Vienna, showing the fascinating new world of multimedia with the best of young multimedia contents of the current year. It is a showcase of the projects by the young talented producers from all over Europe. The EUROPRIX Top Talent Special Exhibition is part of the permanent exhibition of Medien.Welten (Media Worlds). This innovative show traces the development of modern media systems from ancient history to the present.

The TTA Road show tours Europe, bringing the best multimedia contents by young producers to selected destinations around the European continent. Together with the TTA’s partner organisations, the most active network in European multimedia the EUROPRIX Top Talent Road show brings new ideas and the most exciting innovations in multimedia to various European cities.

It might be new media, but of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award projects a beautifully printed catalogue is published. There is also a DVD, which contains the projects of the nominees with video clips and extra information. Both can be purchased by e-mail order from info@icnm.net.

If you want to follow the activities of the EUROPRIX TTA for 2006, leave your e-mail address on info@icnm.net for the TTA newsletter.

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