Tuesday, March 07, 2006

TTA category Offline/DVD

Again this year, the category Offline/DVD was the favourite category with 93 projects (111 last year) were entered. Despite all the internet opportunities and facilities, offline projects are still popular. But if the figures signal a trend, then Offline and broadband are getting closer to each other. Perhaps broadband might overtake next year. The 93 entries come from 29 countries; so this category has a broader geographical spread than Broadband/Online. I am wondering whether there is a relationship between the amount of entries and the telecom infrastructure. I have already remarked that these nominations came from Central and Eastern European countries.

Eventually, three projects were selected:
- Medianatomy – Kamen Anev, Hungarian University of Art and Design (HU);
- Pantha Rei – Judit Erdélyi, Hungarian University of Art and Design (HU);
- Sitka – Artur Jaros, Uniwersytet Wroclawski (PL).

Medianatomy is a journey into mass media through non-existing television channels and fictional news articles. The project is a way for people to learn to re-appreciate their own unique experiences instead of speaking from what they hear in the media.

Pantha Rei illustration

Pantha Rei is dreamy interactive animation film controlled by the child user. It is a story that immerses children with dynamic graphics and original, moving music. This project reflects the growing trend of re-invigorating traditional arts with interactive multimedia, writes juror Ania Bobrowicz.

Sitka is an extraordinary interactive magazine from the underground. It is fighting against the tide of mundane mass media. It is produced by a group of young people who prepare the various styles of graphics and report on parties. The graphics have some traces of Monty Python Flying Circus.

Of the three projects, Pantha Rei was a clear winner. It is interesting to see whether the project has commercial potential as offline products are more difficult to distribute through the proper channels and at a right price.

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