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BPN 1293 Dutch entries WSA2009 announced

Last night was the New Years meeting of 21 national and international Internet organisations in Amsterdam. Some 400 internet professionals showed up. They witnessed the announcement of the Dutch World Summit nominations; these eight nominations will be sent to the international Grand Jury which will be held in Hyderabad (India).

Photograph of nominees (compliments of

The nominations are:

Category: e-Inclusion & Participation
Title: Voices of Africa
Producer: Africa Interactive Foundation
Description: Voices of Africa is a mobile news service with African news, gathered by African people.

Category: e-Health & Environment
Title: Grote Griepmeting (The Dutch Great Influenza Survey)
Description: Innovative surveillance system, based on the voluntary online participation of the population who, on a weekly basis, respond to an internet questionnaire, and mapping the spread of the influenza virus in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Category: e-Entertainment & Games
Title: TOY – Thinking of You
Producer: Nederland Breedbandland
Description: An entertainment and game service for hospitalised children

Category: e-Culture en Heritage
Title: 7scenes
Producer: De Waag
Description: A GPS platform for games and tours

Category: e-Science & Technology
Title: Multimedian
Producer: Multimedian Foundation
Description: A scientific project in the field of multimedia

Category: e-Business & Commerce
Title: Sellaband
Producer: Sellaband
Description: A service introducing and supporting Music bands

Category: e-Government& institutions
Title: Ambtenaar 2.0 (Civil servant 2.0)
Producer: Davied van Berlo e.a.
Description: Civil servant 2.0 explores the consequences and opportunities of Web 2.0 for government.

Category: e-Learning & Education
Title: Enterprise: het ondernemersspel (Enterprise: the entrepreneur game)
Producer: Games Factory Online
Description: A serious game to teach students how to become an entrepreneur; the game can be translated to six languages on the fly.

The World Summit Award is a global multimedia competition with the stress on quality of content and innovation in the information society rather than on technology. Wessel de Valk, co-owner of The Crowds and Dutch national expert for the World Summit Award, and his team of advisors made the selection of projects and services to be sent in as entries for the Grand Jury. There are eight categories and in every category a country is allowed to submit one entry. A jury of 35 international experts will evaluate the entries; the winners will be celebrated at the WSA2009 Gala in Monterrey, Mexico on June 12, 2009.

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