Monday, September 21, 2009

BPN 1375 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (1)

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The National Broadband Map is a visual representation of New Zealand's broadband landscape. It has been created to graphically represent broadband supplier network footprints alongside geocoded points, which indicate potential broadband demand locations. The Map takes publicly available government location data from various sources and combines it in such a way as to provide information and tools to aid in demand aggregation and infrastructure planning. The National Broadband Map also allows any citizen, business or government agency to reuse, reanalyse or visualise the demand point data in any manner, providing an environment in which extra value can be created from data which was once dispersed and inaccessible.


The functionalities developed by the National Broadband Map unlock huge stores of information that otherwise would be locked up in proprietary or legacy systems. This content application makes the information accessible to a greater audience and thus creates transparency in an area hitherto closed off. By using open source software, standard API's and exposing the data in standard formats, the usage of the data is not restricted by technology or application, making it much easier for people to both consume and add to the data store. The mashup of public and private data is quite unique and both the public and private sectors in New Zealand are becoming aware of the value of having accurate, precise, data which are accessible to all. This intuitive, cross sector, public/private initiative is critical to the future of NZ.

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