Thursday, September 24, 2009

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The BioMAP project monitors and assesses the biodiversity of Egypt and aims to create a comprehensive IT-based database of existing Egyptian biodiversity records. Linked to up-to-date data bases through internal and external monitoring
of Egypt´s Protected Areas, the project enables an analysis to be made of changes in the status of the country´s biodiversity. The web-based information centre contains five operational sites. One of these is the Egypt’s biodiversity web site
which was authored by Image House and includes a large number of photographs and illustrations on all topics of relevance to biodiversity, enabling users of all types to access credible information, in order to inform decision-making at all levels.

Egypt has been endowed with a unique variety of ecosystems and a corresponding variety of wildlife that ranges from Eurasian species to purely sub-Saharan species. The attractively designed BioMAP shows that Egypt is not only
concerned with the preservation of its history, its pyramids and royal graves, but also with the preservation of its living biodiversity. Maps are produced to be used as a knowledge base for researchers, for conservationists, for planning projects
and for ecotourism. The BioMap encourages and enhances the capacity of park rangers to monitor and collect data, raises public awareness of the need to conserve biodiversity for future generations, and supports work in local communities that makes sustainable use of local resources, preserving and celebrating the traditions and heritage of people in the context of their environment

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