Monday, September 28, 2009

BPN 1383 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (8)

Category: e-Culture & Heritage

A Journey Into Time Immemorial

A Journey into Time Immemorial offers users the opportunity to see and learn about the ancient Stó:lo people of Canada. The virtual online museum environment offers visitors infinite ways to explore and enjoy animated scenes from the past. Text descriptions, visual renderings, and photos describe the Stó:lo daily life, and with innovative Flash video content, users are transported three thousand years back in time. The website dynamically loads sound, video characters, and educational content via a customised Flash panorama engine. The website navigation lets visitors choose their own path through the virtual Stó:lo village, thereby creating a different experience with each visit. In addition to the Flash website, a fully accessible HTML site is available, in accordance with the strict specifications of the Virtual Museum of Canada.

“Immersivity” is the keyword identifying this online resource. It is based on the Canadian First Nations traditional knowledge and oral history and provides a picture of life in the Fraser Valley as it was three thousand years ago. A deep insight of the Stó:lo daily life including fishing, trapping, weaving, and canoe building through a very rich selection of visual renderings, videos, photos and textual descriptions. Once downloaded the splash page navigation appears natural, easy and highly immersive; “explorers” simply look around the everyday life in the Stó:lo’s village and “touch” the objects they are interested in. The application provides a rich set of structured information taking advantage of the most suitable and effective media. The historical quality of the content provided by the archives is excellent and the quality of graphic, photo and video is outstanding.

Simon Fraser University
Museum of Archaeology and
Barbara Winter
Ivana Filipovic
Linnea Battel
English and French
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