Friday, September 25, 2009

BPN 1380 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (5)

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PRODUCER’S DESCRIPTION is an internet platform, enabling users from all over the world to access and evaluate information on alternative herbal remedies. Having become the world's largest free Natural Health resource, its goal is to function
as a paradigm-changing tool in the field of alternative - and perhaps all – health related knowledge. Users are able to research, rate, comment on, or discuss particular treatments and thus, with the help of other assessment tools, such as links to external references, be part of a huge project which aims to assess the effectiveness of natural and alternative treatments. Exploiting the universality of the internet, seeks to address two main issues: "What's out there?" and "What actually works?"

Mamaherb is an excellent site with a fresh lay-out about natural health resources and alternative medicines. It offers information about natural herbs and remedies as well as establishing a community of users and practitioners to
exchange knowledge and experiences about these herbs and treatments. The knowledge and research of these alternative medicines is not as systematic as that of regular medicine, but in this site the present state of knowledge is brought together by a social network, the community of users and experts. The information offered is extensive and packaged attractively, giving product information and natural ingredients as well as information on treatment and remedies. It gives advice on remedies, accompanied by proper warnings.

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