Saturday, July 29, 2006

Moving shop (8)


It is a week now that we moved our shop from Utrecht to Almere. Most of the boxes have been unpacked and we have been able to continue labouring in the heat (30 degrees Celsius on average; subtropic temperatures for the Netherlands).

One decision, we have taken in the past week, is not to change the blogname Buziaulane. Supported by one fan we do not want to send the readers on a search trail. As Buziaulane was a virtual outlook for the content sector, we will stick to the name. So no one will have to change its bookmarks.

All necessary connections work now at more than a reasonable speed. We are happy with the Internet speed. The e-mail is working fine. Also the VoIP telephone connection is working okay, although we still have some problems with the Gigaset telephones of Siemens 450S as we still have to find the manuals. We have still to get used to the different sounds of the base station and the main set. In the coming week we will experiment with Skype and the Gigaset. It seems to be possible to relay a Skype call to the internal Gigaset telephone using a USB stick.

Slowly the schedule for coming week is announcing itself. The Content Market Monitor newsletter has to be put together, looking back at July. Normally it is a very slow month in terms of news, but with the Kazaa news of the past few days, there will be a lot of reactions, we suppose.

We will also start using the iLiad, the digital newspaper and e-book reader. We are planning to download some 450 instalments. It will be intersting to see how the blogtext is translated to the iLiad and how the colour pictures are converted for the white and black screen.

Of course there are also some chores relating to the moving. We still have to return the router of Versatel. Also the wi-fi will have to be installed. In this way it will be possible to sit on the balcony, overlooking the skyline of Almere and work. From next week onwards it will be business as usual, but now from Almere.

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