Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BPN 1273 Europrix Multimedia (4): Mobile applications

The category mobile applications is intended for innovative contents and applications using potential of compact, mobile and communication-intensive platforms focusing on new multimedia solutions.

RoboVox: Your Voice. Towering over crowded metropolitan squares at a height of 8 metres, RoboVox is an interactive public sound installation, embodied by a humanoid robot. Its purpose is to serve as a communication tool for the anonymous individual, whose voice would otherwise be lost in the crowd. Simply send an SMS to a designed number, and RoboVox will be activated to voice a message out loud by means of a multi-lingual decoding voice synthesizer. From statements of political protest to declarations of love, this public sculpture encourages individual expression and challenges the concept of freedom of speech.

Producer: Martin B. Briceij
Company: KD Codeep
Country: Slovania
E-mail: martin.briceij@gmail.com

ShakerRacer. Struggling to control your toy race car with a series of tiny buttons and a miniature steering wheel could be a thing of the past. Now, thanks to the ShakerRacer team, you can drive around at incredible speeds using only natural movements and a little help from your cell-phone. Connecting to a modified toy car via Bluetooth, this application makes use of an acceleration sensor function of the latest multi-media phones. It works intuitively – just holding your phone as you would a steering-wheel, tilting forwards to accelerate and backwards to reverse – it’s that simple.

Producer: Andreas Jakl and others
University: University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg
Country: Austria
E-mail: andreas.jakl@fh-hagenberg.at

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