Sunday, December 07, 2008

BPN 1279 Europrix Multimedia (10): Content Tools and Interface Design

In the category Content Tools and Interface Design is looking for powerful content tools, content management systems and technological innovations concerning new ways in interface design.

Retype. This impressive project aims at providing a new answer to an old problem – that of inputting text. Indeed, the traditional keyboard based methods of text entry employed by pioneers of the latest touch screen devices do not offer an optimal solution. The designers of Retype, however, have thought outside the box and have come up with an innovative alternative, enabling faster input and creating a more user-friendly feel. Let’s hope it soon catches on – it certainly looks set to improve our text-lives!

Producer: Jeremy Stucki/Christoph Schmid
University: Zurich University of the Arts
Country: Switzerland

Flexible open source solution rendering solution. Say goodbye to high rendering times with this real-time high definition rendering solution. Using and modifying various available tools, the plug-in creates a free (in terms of software licensing) environment which offers extreme efficiency rendering for the production of civil engineering construction demonstrations. Rooted in a designer-friendly environment, it makes use of a blender game engine, enabling real-time rendering at a speedy 60 frames per second. Non-complicated and easy to pick up, this handy tool is entirely based on free and open source software.

Producer: Marko Radojcic
University: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Belgrade
Country: Serbia

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