Friday, December 05, 2008

BPN 1277 Europrix Multimedia (8): Interactive TV

The category Interactive TV contains contents for the new broadcasting of the fully digitalised future involving the user.

Kika and Bob. Smart seven years old Kika and brave fireman Bob find themselves blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during an attempt to rescue Kika’s kitten Tiger, from the top of a church spire. This fast-paced and funny interactive TV series tracks their journey home, in which they must navigate strange territories and overcome terrible obstacles, their fate being decided by the viewer and his remote control. In selecting the right option, the viewer ensures that Tiger is fed, thus saving the cat from starvation. This ‘Tamagotchi’ principle is taken even further on a specially designed Kikka and Bob website, where viewers can compete to become Tiger’s friend and keep him well stocked with cat food. With Tiger well cared for, the only remaining question is this: will Kikka and Bob make it back in one piece?

Producer: Fons Schiedon and others
Company: Submarine
Country: Netherlands

Operaatio Hurrikaani. Targeted at 9-12 years old, Operaatio Hurrikaani, an interactive TV mystery series, revolving around secret agents and their high-tech gadgets. Over 20 episodes, viewers are presented with weekly mysteries and are then encouraged to log onto the series’ website to create their own agents and solve the cases. As a reward for their participation, access to a number of online games is granted. The best gamers compete in the hall of fame during the season and the winners are presented with Operaatio Hurrikaani merchandise. A weekly mystery solving competition is also awarded in this way, the winners being announced in the following TV show. The concept has met with raving success in Finland and it’s only a matter of time before it takes off elsewhere.

Producer: Jari Mäkipää
Company: Finnish Broadcasting Company
Country: Finland

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